Kaiser - Frazer Hood Ornaments

1949 FrazerKaiser - Frazer cars were built between 1946 and 1955 as a result of the teaming together of Henry Kaiser and Joseph Frazer. The partnership was a response to the post war demand for more cars. Even though the company's lifespan was short, they still managed to produce some impressive automobiles for their day. Kaiser even managed to acquire the Willys line in 1953. Passenger car production stopped in 1955, however Kaiser continued to build Jeeps until 1970, when the line was sold to American Motors.

1955 KaiserSome of the more notable model automobiles produced by Kaiser-Frazer were the - Traveler, Vagabond, Manhattan, Virginian, Constellation, Henry J, and Darrin. A few of the early Kaiser models didn't have hood ornaments, but for the most part all Frazer models and most of the later Kaiser models had them.

1951 henry j hood ornament cone
1951 henry j hood ornament cone
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