Chrysler Hood Ornaments

1931 Chrysler Imperial ConvertableOn January 5, 1924 the first Chrysler cars were introduced, by the Maxwell Motors Corporation. The first six cylinder production car was so successful that by June of the following year the Chrysler Corporation was formed and all of Maxwell Motors assets and manufacturing facilities were transferred to the new endeavor. The new company never looked back.

Over the next ninety years Chrysler has produced many memorable model automobiles, some of the most notable are - Royal,1963 Chrysler Imperial Highlander, Windsor, Imperial, Thunderbolt, Town and Country, Saratoga, La Baron, New yorker, Newport, Ghia, Gran Tourismo, Wayfarer, Southhampton, Chrysler 300, and Cordoba. Even though most hood ornaments on Chrysler automobiles had disappeared by the late 1960's, the distinctive five point star resurfaced in the 1980's.

Vintage Chrysler Hood Ornament & Base
Vintage Chrysler Hood Ornament & Base
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